• Financial Fitness

    The key to any successful fitness plan is a regular work out, if only for few minutes a day. Financial planning works the same way. Review your financial standing through this simple and interactive quiz.

  • Money Personality Profiler

    Are you a balanced spender or a thoughtful planner? A binge spender or a wishful thinker? This simple quiz may help you find out your style of money management.

  • Risk Recommender

    Before you invest, you need to consider how much risk you can afford to take. This quiz will help you find out what kind of a risk-taker you are.

  • Networth Calculator

    Your Networth is what you own minus what you owe. This personal balance sheet will give you a "snapshot" of your current financial situation and determine your net worth.

  • Crorepati

    What will it take to be a Crorepati? The answer lies in charting an effective plan by setting goals and sticking by it. Take this quiz and get a step closer to achieving your goals.

  • Prepayment Calculator

    Want to pre-pay your loan and understand its impact on your EMI? Try out this simple tool.

  • Retirement Calculator

    Ready to plan for retirement? Learn how to with Smarterwithmoney.

  • SIP Calculator

    Small but regular investments often go a long way. See how a Systematic Investment Plan can help you plan for your future.

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