Financial Fitness
The key to any successful fitness plan is a regular work out, if only for few minutes a day.
Financial planning works the same way. Review your financial standing through this
simple and interactive quiz.
  • Q1.Have you set any financial goals for yourself?

    (Your goals don't have to be big. Goals like saving Rs 10,000 for Diwali or Rs 50,000 a year as retirement income would do- as long as there is something you have planned for)

  • Q2.Does your in-hand income cover both expenses and savings?

    (Choose the category that feels most like you)

  • Q3.Investment planners suggest it is a good practice to know "Your Net Worth". Do you know yours?

  • Q4.Are you a regular saver?

  • Q5.Have you invested in any saving scheme to secure your post retirement days?

  • Q6.Have you made any financial investments - excluding bank deposits?

  • Q7.Do you know what is the optimal asset allocation portfolio for you?

  • Q8.If the principal breadwinner of the family were suddenly not able to work, what shape would your family's financial condition be in?

  • Q9.Have you planned for the next big milestone of your life?

    (like marriage, kids, house)

  • Q10.Have you checked recently whether your insurance amount reflects the value of the things insured?


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