Money Personality Profiler
Are you a balanced spender or a thoughtful planner? A binge spender or a wishful thinker?
This simple quiz may help you find out your style of money management.
  • Q1.When it comes to dealing with my money:

  • Q2.When my friends are coming over to my place for dinner, I generally:

  • Q3.While planning a holiday, I generally:

  • Q4.When I head out for shopping:

  • Q5.If I win a big ticket lottery, my first reaction would be:

  • Q6.My primary financial objective is:

  • Q7.When it comes to budgeting my money:

  • Q8.When it comes to thinking about saving for the future:

  • Q9.At end of each month, I have:

  • Q10.If you ask me how and how much I've spent through the last six months, I'd say:

  • Q11.As far as saving taxes is concerned:

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