• How Is the Price of a Currency Determined? - Video

    There are various factors that affect the price of any given currency. Understanding these is imperative before any foray in the currency markets.

  • What Are Commodity Futures? - Video

    Commodity futures are buy/sell contracts of commodities fixed at today’s price, but realized on a future date.

  • What Are Options? - Video

    A stock option is a financial derivative that allows you to trade a stock at a specific price on a future date. Here, the buyer gets the right, but not the obligation, to carry out the transaction on or before the given date.

  • What Are Stock Futures? - Video

    Stock futures are contracts between two parties, who agree to exchange stocks at a predetermined price some time in future.

  • What Is Fundamental Analysis? - Video

    Fundamental analysis is a method of determining the real value of a stock, which helps an investor decide whether to buy the stock or not.

  • Why Do Stock Prices Change? - Video

    Stock prices of a company may change due to factors related to the company, the industry, or the economy as a whole. This article explains some of the major reasons that cause stock prices to change.

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